Client Testimonials

Above & Beyond!

“Congratulations on your brokers license. You were the best Realtor we have ever dealt with. You went way beyond the call of duty and were very honest. That is hard to find these days. We will never forget the positive experience that you created. Thanks so much and good luck with everything!!!! You are a true winner. It’s so good to hear from you.
Sincerely, Colleen Ryan”
Colleen Ryan, California

First time home buyer!

“Amy was courteous, professional, informative, and extremely responsive. Amy does not only provide you the one-on-one attention that one would desire while looking for a home, but she always stays in touch with you after close and get moved in.
I will use Amy for all my home buying and selling needs in the future.”
Ross Bower, Frisco, Texas

Great Resources!

“I write to recommend Amy Smolik as a most effective and honest realtor (both of which are hard to find). My wife and I were making plans to move in a bigger house in Dec. 2005. I asked Amy if she would come over and give me some advice on what we needed to do to sell our current home and buy another one. This visit not only helpe us by selling our house in 3 weeks, but we also gained a great relationship with her and her other great resources like a good painter, handyman, landscaper at a low cost with high quality!
We recommend Amy to any seller/buyer!”
Eric & Sofia Eichelmann, Frisco, Texas

Taking Her Advice!

“Dear Existing and Potential Customers of Amy Smolik,
I first want to say that I am excited to hear of your new accomplishment, Amy! You deserve it! You are AMAZING, and I truly mean that!

I can not say enough for what Amy Smolik did for me! I accepted a job promotion to move out of state to Alabama, however a relocation package was not offered. So I was in a crunch to select a realtor, and simply looked for the first “sold” sign I saw in my neighborhood. The market was decent, the house was spectacular, and the neighborhood desirable…but the agent was not a match. I stayed with him for six months…mortgage payment in Texas, rent payment in Alabama. I decided to try an agent that sold a house for a friend…and it seemed like all the work I was putting into it, along with the stress of $3600 a month to have a roof over my head, along with the fact that I had 40+ showings and not a single offer was a bit too much for me to bear. So I called Amy, out of the blue, because my neighbor had had her house listed with her. And after she listed it – six showings later I had an offer!

This whole “testimonial” is due because I knew how serious she was about selling my house. I believe it was a combination of “knowing the market” and “knowing the customer”. ALL I HAD TO DO was take the advice of having some of the colors neutralized with paint…not to mention she had it painted in 12 hours of the call, and a price I surely thought was a wrong quote! I to this day have never had the opportunity to meet Amy in person because we did everything over the phone from states away, but I will never forget the services she provided me.

Amy, you are the best and I know you will be at the top, ALWAYS!”
Steve Goodson, Birmingham, AL


“I was impressed with the organization. I hired Amy in early December, very anxious to find a house because I had already moved and was living with friends. Even with the holiday season and my time out of town with family, we had found the perfect home by early January.”

“I found Amy to be very tenacious, efficient, knowledgeable and honest. She was very diligent in her efforts to find me a house in the price range and of the quality that I was used to.”

“She made sure we kept notes on each house, she streamlined our viewing process so as not to waste time and if we encountered problems with any of the properties, she was persistent in getting us in to the house. She was very punctual and assisted me financing issues and closing issues when I needed it.”

“I would definitely hire Amy again and would highly recommend her.”
Susan Watkins Lucero, Plano, Texas


“We found Amy while purchasing one of her listings as an investment property when we lived out of state. As real estate professionals ourselves, we were so impressed with her expertise and professionalism in this purchase, we hired her to manage our investment property and assist us in finding a home in Southlake. Though a completely new market for all of us, she worked long hours with us to find the right neighborhood, right schools and right home. Amy’s honesty, thoroughness and research saved us thousands of dollars on our purchase when negotiating the contract. The experience of moving across the country to our new home was a positive one, and with Amy’s help, a smooth and happy transition for both us as Buyers and the Sellers.

We couldn’t recommend Amy more for all your real estate needs.”
Joan & Geoff Lea – Southlake, Texas

Meticulous to Details!

“I called Amy on a Friday night with a house that I had found online that I really liked. She was out having dinner so I quickly gave her a brief description of the house and the address and asked her to call me at a more convenient time. Forty-five minutes later my phone rang and Amy was standing in the house! She was giving the details of the house and answering all of my questions. This first experience with Amy as our realtor would hold true throughout our relocation experience.

Amy worked tirelessly to preview about 50 houses for me over the next week. Every day when she returned she gave me a list of what she had seen and gave me her professional input about each home. After she had the list narrowed down, she took my mom to the houses that she thought would be a match based on my criteria and they further narrowed down the list of homes for me to see. Amy and my mom had our list down to about 15 homes when I came to Dallas Labor Day weekend to find a house. I walked into these homes not only with a listing for the home but a full list of comps in the neighborhood and anything else that Amy thought would act as a pro or con for the house. I have never been so prepared in shopping for a home in my 4 home buying experiences.

My favorite thing about having Amy as a realtor is her obsession with details. She has to know everything about a house before she will feel comfortable letting her client buy the house. She made sure the house was fully inspected by reputable inspectors. She was very meticulous about getting the closing papers and making sure the HUD was correct. She left no detail overlooked in the purchase and closing of our home. The final thing that sets Amy apart from other realtors that she is full service when you are looking for your home and AFTER you close! Amy has called many times to make sure everything was OK and has helped me many times with minor things that have come up.

Amy is the kind of woman and realtor that you would be proud to recommend to anyone! She is professional, conscientious, honest, trustworthy and classy. She truly loves what she does and it shows in everything she does in her profession. You know if you have Amy Smolik as your realtor, you are going to find a home at a price that you can feel good about! Thanks Amy and Well Done!!

Rich and Debi Meuret
Rich and Debi Meuret, Frisco, Texas

Dedicated to Delivering On Your Home Needs

Whether it’s selling your existing home or buying your first/next new dream home, no matter the situation, choosing Amy Smolik to represent you would be your optimal first decision.

After interviewing several real estate agents within the Frisco area to represent both the sell of our existing home and the purchase of our new home, we knew Amy was the right choice as soon as we met her.

She came to our first meeting fully prepared with an initial pricing strategy backed by sound market research and a knowledge base of our community that far exceeded our expectations.

Her patience is a great virtue, especially in a buyer’s marketplace. The result of her consultation led to our accepting a bid price that was within 5% of our ask.

When it comes to purchasing your dream home, Amy just doesn’t pull listings that meet your basic home search criteria. If you are looking for that level of service, there are numerous listing sites posted all over the web…Good luck with that! Buying your new home needs to be a pleasant, stress free experience for you. In our opinion, Amy went above and beyond to seek out our beautiful new home.

Her greatest strength – she listens to what you want/need and scours the marketplace in order to show you multiple options.
She took copious notes throughout our search in order to fine tune potential home options
She is a tough negotiator – her passion to understand the intricacies of the marketplace and ability to leverage multiple considerations with a negotiation led us to purchase our new home 15% below the community’s average square foot ask price
She is honest & ethical – during the purchase process of our new home, we encounter quite of mountains with the builder’s sales rep. Amy stayed on top of them and made sure that a honest, fair deal was delivered. We were extremely impressed by the way she handled the builder in our best interest. Because of her honesty & integrity, you can be assured that you are receiving maximum value on your deal.

The bottom line best reason why you should select Amy Smolik to be your Real Estate Broker is that she cares about her clients. You are not a “one and done” client with Amy. She will continue to offer tips and advice to create the most value for your investment. She definitely has a life-long client in us.

Thank you Amy!
Ray and Christy, Frisco